• My eCommerce website: 565.41%% increase in sales in one month….

  • Instead of looking for low profile clients, I prepared myself for the biggest challenges, and in a short time I was presenting a proposal for the most famous couple of celebrities, and you know what? They signed it!!!

  •  373.72% increase in sales in 30 days….

  • Sold for $2,800.00 just from sending one email…

    Amanda & Owen
  • Damir, cannot thank you enough for making online marketing so simple and easy to learn and implement. No overwhelm or frustration. Expectations exceeded.

  • Real-estate niche – 480 leads in 60days…

  • March sales: $3,639…July sales: $63,919.28 – 175x increase in sales in six months!.

  • My team and I are ready for the challenges ahead, whatever they are.

    Platforma Spain
  • $136,000.00 in sales from my first year having eCommerce website.

  • Just picked up three new clients in the past 20 minutes. Thank you Damir Butkovic . Your guidance and systems work!! Happy dance right now! 

    Violet Jammal
  • 108 leads in 48 hours, $45,000.00 in sales one month after… 

  • Damir is very effective in brainstorming new creative ways to approach companies and clients, or deal with organizational issues. Thanks Damir! 

    Alen Ivankovic, Juicebox
  • From $90k is sales last year to $535,000.00 this year. 

  • Thanks to Damir, I have learnt new ways and ideas of handling my business, which has allowed me more time to assist and help my clients which is what I love the most!  

    Sarah Bastanis