Do You Want To Increase Your Online Sales  But You’re Not Quite Sure How To Do It?

Dear friend,

If you’re anything like most business owners out there, you are probably working way too hard and way too long doing things you shouldn’t be doing.

Things like building landing pages, websites, funnels, social media posting, ads, trying to figure out how it all works… and a whole lot more…

Which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated that the business you started, in order to gain more freedom, is actually taking it away from you.

Heck, I know this first hand. For the first 6 years, since I gave up my day job, I’ve struggled to find this balance.

I worked hard, the money rolled in and I thought life is great, except I then realized that I’m working 15 hours a day and I hadn’t been out in months – on the plus side, I had grown a mean beard.

When I tried to enjoy life, go on holidays, and go out what with friends do you think happened?

That’s right, my business slowed down and cashflow diminished.

Sound familiar?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way, I found a better way, I’ve solved that problem so can you.

By leveraging the power of the internet and some automation tools, I can help you simplify and streamline what you do online aka bring in more sales.

I take whatever you are doing, or want to be doing, look at where you are now, what’s working, and what’s not, see where you want to be and create ways to make it happen – such as marketing strategy specific for your biz …

And help you implement it!

Result? You get more sales and more time to chill out!


You Might Be Wondering “But Wait A Minute, How Can a Strategy Help Me To Enjoy Life More?”


Well, let me share a personal example with you:

Back in the early days of my business, as I mentioned, my options were either work really hard, grow a beard and make money, or go and enjoy my money and watch my business slow down.

Now, that’s not an issue, while ago, I spent some time in Bali, without any interruption to my business operations.


I’m sure you already know that in this day and age, an online business without a strategy might as well not even exist.

However, the Internet can be used for many other helpful things…

Things like automatic payments, bookings, qualifying leads,  marketing automation, competition ‘spying’, interest ‘tagging’ are just some of the cool things which can take a load off your hands, bring more sales and give you more time.

But that’s not all, probably the coolest thing about the internet is that you can leverage what you got already.

List of clients, traffic to your site, social media following…all that can be used to multiply your sales, in most cases, quickly!


Cool, So What’s Next?


It all starts with you and me, we meet in person or talk via Skype, or phone.

During the call, as we are talking I’ll take a look at what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.

Once we have those “raw materials”, I will help you come up with a strategic plan of action to immediately simplify your online marketing and find you extra time so you can go on holidays more often and have far less headaches…

I’ve done this about a billion times, or more…, ok, maybe less otherwise I’d have to be very old…

There are a number of ways I might do this for you.

For example, I might show you how to get more free time daily by automating a big part of what you do(marketing), using the most effective online strategy for your business model which gives you more revenue for less work…

Or how to get quality traffic back to your site by ‘stealing’ it competition…

Or how to get leads/sales for pennies on the dollar…

Or I can show you how to ethically ‘spy’ on your competition and see what are they doing, which keywords they use, ads, traffic sources they use…this way you can be one step ahead of them…

Or you can learn how to hire talented people and make sure they are an exact fit for the position you’re looking for… and keep them in your company for a long time…

Or something specific for you?

So, instead of having $3,467 sales I one month you can have $18,048.00 in one week as one of mine client does.

Or maybe you can grow your business from 90K per year to $535,000.00 – in one year...

I don’t know… I can’t claim how much your business, or how fast, can grow…

But I can claim; it will grow (provided you actually implement the advice you get)…


Is This For You?


If you are looking to use the internet to grow your biz, save tons of money and time on testing and guessing stuff and get out of ‘tech overwhelm’…then this is for you.

Ideally you should be in business at least 2-3year or more, have min yearly revenue $100k +, and a team of min 1-3 person with you…

Or be willing to hire people to help you grow your biz (can help with hiring part too as mentioned above)

Before we talk, there are a few things you got to know first:

  • Yes, at the end of our chat, I’ll pop a question (not if you want to marry me) but do you want help from me to help you implement your strategic plan.

Help comes with a price and different pricing structures depending on your budget and needs so I’m sure we will find one which works for you.

  • If you’re not ready to invest time, money and elbow grease, then please save us both the time and don’t apply for this call…hope you understand this..
  • The chat is free, filled with real applicable value and I will only offer you a paid solution if you ask and if get along on a personal level…

Still here? Great…Here is what you need to do next:

Fill in the form below, where you will answer a few questions about you and relax. That’s it!

I’ll go over your application, and get back to you within 24h to set up our call. Unless I’m somewhere Internetless…in that case in 48h…