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You’re not selling your product, you’re selling your offer


What do you think is the most important?

Your sales copy? 

Your offer?

 Or your list?

In which order of importance you would do it?

My take was –

Sales copy…




The real answer is: 




Here is why:

I imagine you’re a red wine drinker, and you get an offer to buy white wine.

No matter how good the wine, or write up is; you still won’t buy it.

Why would you, you only drink red wine.

Imagine you get an offer for red wine, this is already interesting.

And offer says buy 1 get 2 plus it’s your favorite kind of wine, fruity full bodied Shiraz…

You’re practically sold…

But you need to get out to get it, then you read that you can order it online and get it delivered the next day.


You don’t really care about the ‘write up’ you bought the ‘buy 1 get 2, home delivery’ offer…

Make sense?

You’re not selling your product or service, you’re selling your offer.

It’s why you might be baffled how some crappy product sell and good ones don’t.

It’s because the guys with crappy product had better offer not product.

It doesn’t mean you should have crap services and products, it means you want to think differently and sell your stuff from another angle…

An offer angle…

How can you make more sexy?

How can you add more bonuses?

How can you make it irresistible?

This is just one of the thing you goo deep on in the Magic Calendar program.

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