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Why typical upsell sequence is wrong

The typical upsell sequence is wrong. Dead wrong.

I know I’m jumping on “sacred ground” here, but I think you will agree with me when you hear why I say this. (Incidentally, I’m still a big fan of upselling, but nobody’s perfect and typical upsell sequence is wrong).

Here’s the scoop:
Upsell sequence means is to take your client to buy one product, then they get offered another one to buying so on, in a sequence.

Typical upsell sequence, which you get from so many so called goo-roo’s got like this:

For example, lets’ say you’re buying a $150 shirt, then you get offered $1000 suit, it’s big jump and in most cases you won’t buy it

Let’s say you get offers first to buy $1000 suit than a $150 shirt, then it’s a no brainier;

$150 seems to little compare to $1000 which you already spent.

How it works online, this is typical sequence you get out there, the wrong one.
They teach you to sell $7 product then you offer upsell of the $47 product, not bad, but it will result in much less sales.

Here is why – compare upsell sequence from above to the one below:

Let’s say you offer first $47 product then you offer an upsell of $7, you’ll get many more sales/upsells.

$7 dollar sale after $47 dollar sale, is a no brainer

See what I mean?

Again, nothing personal against other typical upsell sequence.

But someone’s got to stand up and tell it like it is.

And in my Magic Calendar I spend a lot of time exposing all the myths that are keeping you in the dark from not having enough sales online.

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P.S. There is another reason I disagree with typical online strategies.

But, it’s kind of a controversial reason, and I would rather not explain it publicly(I’m already going to get enough “backlash” from this email)

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