February 14, 2016 admin

Why SEO is a Waste of Time and Money

Get this: it takes money and time to get results from SEO.

Then it’s hard to track exact sales you got from SEO.

Yes, you’ll have more traffic, but who bought an who didn’t is a bit of mystery.

You’ll spend money anyway, the more keywords you want to rank more you’ll spend. And it anit’ cheap.

There is trust part too – who can you trust to do the job properly.

Not to mention, there is a big problem-

You may do all the things right then Google comes and throws out some other animal like Panda or Penguin

Or who knows what else and screw up your rankings overnight.

Because all the SEO work you’ve done don’t match their regulations any more.

Also, to reach one of first three spots on Google #1 page, its’ where most of the traffic comes from…

You’ll have to fight all the heavyweights in your niche.

It’s a hard thing to do and they have bigger budgets.

It’s a game you got to play all the time and it’s time consuming.

Probably the biggest problem with SEO is lack of scaling;

For whatever keyword you rank, there is only a certain amount of searches per month.

Meaning if you have all the traffic for that keyword

You have reached your celling, you can’t scale up, you income is limited.

Here are the things you may not know yet:

If you pay for traffic, you get SEO value too.

If you pay for traffic, you get quality traffic.

If you pay for traffic, you can track every single dollar and how many sales you got, or didn’t got, for it.

If you pay for traffic, you have full control of your income.

If you pay for traffic, you don’t depend on Google animals.

If you pay for traffic, you can scale up.

The good part – not all SEO is a waste, it’s good if you have typical brick and mortar store so you can rank based on location..

Look: personally, I still make sure I have the right tags, keyword and descriptions on my site…but I don’t depend on it.

All the rules above apply.

I don’t like to depend on too may factors out of my control.



P.S. Of course, my favorite way of traffic is paid traffic. If you know your numbers, you can profit from it quite good.

I’ve helped my clients to do the same.

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