February 21, 2016 admin

Why ‘John Creasy’ business model works

I love John Creasy, he brutally effective and he doesn’t fuck around.

John Creasy is the bodyguard from the movie “Man on Fire”.

He’s ex special forces, one of the best, he drinks, he doesn’t show emotions,  he gets a bodyguard job in Mexico, to protect and 8 year old girl.

Not his thing, but the job pays well. She softens him up, he starts to see it’s to live again. She even get him to smile.

But then she gets kidnapped by corrupted cops, he gets shot many times, trying to save her…

While he is in the hospital, ransom goes bad and she is gone.

He gets better, and he goes after them, after all of the people involved in kidnapping.

He is brutal, he kills practically everyone he encounters and he is very effective.

He gets to them all… (there are more surprises in the movie, I’ll leave that to you to watch and discover)

Here’s the thing:

His friend in movie asked him does he need help, he said ‘no’, he didn’t take a small army with him.

When it comes to getting sales online, it’s the same – you don’t need all the bells and whistles to be brutally effective.

Nor you need a big team, nor you need every piece of software out there,nor you need anything remotely similar.

And that’s the best part with online marketing;

You can start simply and quickly and with very low investment…

That’s the core of the Magic Calendar program – get going fast, with minimal cost and keep it simple.

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P.S. Get this – John Creasy was a real person, the whole movie is based on a true story…