May 19, 2016 admin

Why failure is ultra cool

Question – how long have you been following your favorite goo-roo’s?

The reason I am asking, I’m not sure what you have noticed they all have in common.

My guys and gals have had some interesting points which push me forward on a daily basis.

Apart from the success they have, what keeps me going is actually the other side of the coin – their failures.

Why? So called ‘failure’ is more common than ‘success’

And all of them had a hole bunch of failures.

Here are some examples:

Guy I know who sells for $50million per year, got bankrupt twice, his explanation was this ‘I’m a slow learner so I got bankrupt twice’

Other goo-roo I follow suit ‘I had nine years of failure before I ‘made it”

Another guy screwed up so much that he almost ended up in jail for sending his emails which apparently were not aligned with US law,

He is of course a multi millionaire now.

A whole bunch of them were working crazy hours, being constantly stressed on a verge of a heart attack. Now they work hours they want, with more relax stress-free environment.

The other friend who is in construction business almost got bankrupt twice, he is fine now of course.

Other awesome marketer also in millions per month level now, had to sack almost 100 people in one day, almost whole his company.

The list goes on and on as you can imagine.

But what gets me going is one other thing they all have in common:

They all kept going, no matter what, they kept going forward.

As one guy said it well ‘no one ever made it by quitting, hang in there’

I think this is one of my favorite saying which keeps me going, hopefully it will keep you going too.



p.s. When I see all of ‘these’ failures, the only thing I can say ‘failure is cool’