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What Would Happen If People Wouldn’t Buy Based On Emotions?


Thought I’d share a piece of extremely valuable information for your biz owner.

It’s from one of the highest paid living copywriters, Clayton Makepeace… And it on the topic of emotions how and why people buy…

Enjoy (I took this text from one marketing piece from Todd Brown, my mentor):


All people… ALL PEOPLE… are driven by irrational emotions, thoughts, and desires.

They’re not driven by logical reasoning. They’re not making decisions logically. They’re not deciding rationally.

No. They’re making decisions based on deep-seeded emotional factors.

Listen to how one of the highest paid living copywriters, Clayton Makepeace, elaborates on this point:

“If consumers only bought the things that are logical to buy:

  • Homebuyers would never purchase more house than they absolutely needed for survival. And they would be bleak, spartan places with only the bare necessities – and without high-tech kitchen gadgets, big-screen TVs or even carpeting.
  • There would be no Starbucks, no bars or liquor stores, and certainly no cigarette companies – because after all, these things are not only unnecessary for survival – they’re also costly, and unhealthy and therefore, not rational to consume.
  • No truly practical, intelligent person would ever subject himself to the massive depreciation that strikes when a new car is driven its first few feet off of the dealers lot. Everyone would want 10-year-old sub-compacts that get 30 or 40 miles to the gallon. Or better yet: They’d take the bus.
  • Spending money on entertainment would be considered a horrible waste. The film, video and video game industries would dry up and blow away. We could easily survive with one radio per family, and one radio station per city … they’d only broadcast indispensable information … and they’d only turn on their transmitters when absolutely necessary. TV? Hah! Who needs to see the guy who’s giving you the news?
  • Women would never again blow a single dollar on makeup, designer fashions, sexy shoes, hair color, perfume, “push-up” bras or “pull-in” foundation garments, or anything else to make them more attractive to men. I mean – what’s the point? We’re guys, they’re gals – if a million years of evolution teaches anything, it’s that we’re going to chase them no matter what
  • Since nobody really needs status to survive, status symbols would be non-existent. There would be no Cadillacs, BMWs, Mercedes or Rolls Royces… no Sub-Zero refrigerators, Bosch dishwashers, Miele vacuum cleaners or KitchenAid Superba trash compactors… no Rolex, Breitling or Movado watches… and certainly, no pleasure boats, RVs or private airplanes!

As Pat Steel of the Young & Rubicam ad agency once put it … People don’t really need these things. People don’t really need art, music, literature, newspapers, historians, wheels, calendars, philosophy…

All that people really need is a cave, a piece of meat, and possibly, a fire. Nevertheless, the companies that make and sell all these things are thriving!


Because we human beings are NOT merely rational creatures, seeking only to get what we need for physical survival. We are also highly emotional beings.
And our emotional needs are every bit as valid to us – and every bit as crucial to fulfill – as our physical

Powerful  stuff from Clayton…

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