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Want to waste time? Be ‘perfect’…

I see this all the time,

People wasting time to have perfect products,

Waiting for the perfect time to launch,

Stressing about miniscule things like one space in an email, or an extra dot…

What da fuck for? Or for who da fuck for?

One guy summed it well “wanting to be perfect only means you have no real standards, always changing something”

Guess what?

People are not perfect.

They don’t even like it perfect, it irritates them.

It bothers them, it makes them feel inferior.

It makes them feel like they are a failure.

Why is that?

Because they are not perfect!

They love imperfection because of it…

Did you know that some of the biggest internet marketing gu-rus make spelling mistakes on PURPOSE?

So they can insert personality and connect with their crowd better.

They want to show themselves as ‘normal’ people who make mistakes all the time.

Does it work? Well check their bank accounts, you bet it works.

Frankly, people have bigger problems than thinking about your ‘perfection’.

They don’t care, they are selfish, they want you to solve, or help them solve, their problems…

All they see in your stuff is – “what’s in it for me?”

No matter what you do, shit happens…

And that person who will complain about your stuff that’s not perfect; Should never be your client, get rid of them, give them their money back…

These are the one who will create you the most problems in the future.

Hey, if you would get old, dirty, coffee stained lottery winning ticket, would you complain how it looks?

Didn’t think so…

I ain’t’ saying you shouldn’t be doing things right and make them bloody awesome.

I am saying in the grand scale of things  – it doesn’t matter, especially in the beginning.

Know one thing:

Online you’re dealing with a lot of tech stuff,

Meaning you’ll have glitches and imperfections all the time with stuff that’s out of your control.

And that’s just a start, whether you like it or not.

The big gu-ru products, most of them are not perfect, they have their own glitches, all the time…

In the beginning, I was the same, guilty as charged, but after observing them, I got a sense of relief..

Now when I think of it, how much time I’ve lost, which I’ll never get back, on ‘perfecting’ things the they didn’t work out… oh my god…

What a colossal waste of time and resources…

Not to mention with my constant spelling and grammar mistakes it seemed like I’ll never make it..

I felt less worthy, like something wrong with me..

That was until I stopped giving a fuck on those stupid, irrelevant comments and listening to ‘perfectionists’

And trying to make things perfect.

One of the worlds’ best email marketing copywriters said “thanks god for spell check because I suck at spelling’

This guy gets a $20,000 consulting fee per day.

Some of the best copywriters in the world are not the best ‘writers’ they are the best at writing copy that sells..

And that’s what you should be focusing on – how to sell your stuff, get others to ‘perfect’ them..

Meaning, having the right structure is more important skill than actual writing.

While we are at it,

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P.S. If you are a ‘perfectionist’ I don’t mean to offend you, I only want to make you feel uncomfortable just enough to push you over the ‘edge’;

Avoid procrastination, get shit done and sell your stuff faster 🙂

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