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Trip to Croatia?

How are you today?

I’m off to trip to Croatia to see my parents after 4 years…

The best thing?

They don’t know I’m coming!

Anyways, as any trip, there are things to be sorted before I go

Tickets, money, insurance, travel plans, etc…

Same goes for online marketing –

You want to have your elements sorted before you make the big jump a.k.a driving traffic and making sales.

Here are the elements (remember, you do this first then you test your funnel):

– A payment gateway: 

The way for people to give you money

(Hint: you don’t need a merchant account to get started)

– Email marketing service provider:  

And a list loaded up with autoresponder messages

You want to automate stuff, that’s the point of online marketing plus it saves a ton of time…

– Landing page provider: 

A place where you will be collecting emails, making sales, collecting payments, etc…

This is NOT a website…

– A hook:

Something of value you believe people are willing to give you their name and email

– The numbers:  

You need to know how to test and measure your campaigns…

And which one is profitable or not.

Meaning you wanna know if they are profitable or not, it’s crucial…

– A pair of knackers:

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or a gal

Jump into it and if shit doesn’t work out, rinse and repeat…

– An ‘Until’ mindset:

Do it, until it works…

There is only one speed, and that one is “go” – no stopping, no reverse…

There you go, it’s all you need.

And of course, make sure you simplify stuff,

To avoid the disease of perfectionism,

Just get going, then worry about making it ‘perfect’…

If that’s your thing…

Otherwise, you’ll never start a = crap bank account.

It’s the stuff we go into a lot more detail in Magic Calendar program…

You get all the tools,

Strategies and other stuff to get you going fast.



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