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Time wasters and emotional vampires

You know them…

Your blood sucking clients..

They eat your energy…

They always want more of you…more time..more attention…

Poorly organised but somehow their flaws directly affect your life…

Which frustrates you..

And drive you nuts…

These people, for most time, they don’t mean to do that…

Yet there are others who think you have all the time in the world to fix their flaws.

Those ones, drive me nuts, I do hate them.

Or do I?

Those people, even they are so screwed up are actually teaching you a lesson.

If someone can drive you nuts, take your time and suck your energy then, to be frank, you’re the one responsible for it.

No-one can actually do that to unless you allow it.

Which brings me to the point:

Ain’t nothing wrong with you too, what is wrong are probably your systems or the way you handle those clients…

I had that happen many times…until…

I realised they are teaching me a lesson.

Showing me where I have flaws, in my system.

After that, I tweaked the system(basically introduced rules) and then suddenly…

Life became good again.

Yes, you’ll lose some clients, but you’re going to get even better ones instead.

You’re the one who needs to keep them in check.

The best starting point is to avoid being desperate to work with anyone, that’s a real killer.

Here is the thing – you don’t have to work with clients at all…

You can create a product, info or physical, and sell it online.

Client harassment free way of living.

It’s good!

And Magic Calendar program shows you how to sell it online:







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