July 28, 2016 admin

The Myth of Having a“Perfect Product” 

One thing most people get stuck with, me included, in the past, is having a ‘prefect product’.

First thing what happens his people procrastinate by taking too much time to make it perfect.

Second, most important thing – even if you have the perfect product, the miracle, cure again cancer or whatever, it still means jack shit.

Here is why:

How can you sell it if you can’t get people to look at it?

How can you sell if people do open your emails?

How can you sell if people don’t click on your ads?

How can you sell if can grab people’s attention to even have a look at it?

In short, having whatever product means nothing if can grab peoples’ attention first.

Make sense?

Instead of wasting time perfecting the product, rather spend time figuring out how to grab your prospects’ attention.

You see this all the time people spending money on crap products.


Well, those guys have really good marketing, they know they can sell almost anything.

How many times you’ve seen good honest people having an awesome product but have no sales at all?

Still thinking that having a good product will be enough to sell itself.

In a way, those who it should happen.

Back to square one – you still got to get someone to get first so they can talk about it.

I’ve heard really good saying – create your product, launch it, it doesn’t matter that it’s not perfect.

Then, when you see all the glitches, launch the new 2.0 version of that product.

Keep on doing that till you ‘perfect it’.

And you want to do this fast..time flies as you’ve noticed…

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