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The Lord of the Grills

Recently I was traveling around Croatia and I went to visit my friends staying in camp.

Cool spot, private beach, BBQ, lots of space, sunset views and all..

All in all, not too shabby…There was cool bar too, with local beer…

After those beers, we got hungry and decide to go to one place near the camp.

I think the place was called something like “Wild West”, I have remembered it because there was one guy dressed as a cowboy who was always waving his hat to lure us in.

Unfortunately, the place was closed so went for a drive to find another one.

There was the pizza joint, but all we remembered one place on a way to camp called “The Lord of The Grills”

It even had this old castle looking structure, at least from the outside.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

We went in, I immediately took a photo with a chef and his suckling pig on the grill, which made me decide what I’ll have for lunch.

Place was all over the place, in a good sense, but no decoration sense-

There were pirates, old cannons, something of call it a boat, then the restaurant which was just a normal restaurant.

We order the food for four people… food arrives and there is enough food for six people… or more.

Not only there was too much food, food was excellent tasty, I found it hard to stop eating and we still took leftovers home.

We had enough ‘leftovers for a full dinner.

My stomach almost fell apart. Food coma.

Anyways, what’s the point of “Lord of the Grills”?

In a marketing sense, there are a few important lessons there:

a) Their name is an unusual name to name a restaurant like that, especially in Croatia.

Marketing lesson – be different! Their, call it ‘odd’, name it got our attention when we were driving.

We got back there to ‘check it out’ the next day.

Without it, it would probably be just another restaurant…

b) The food was worth every penny, there was a lot and it was tasty.

Marketing lesson – add value! These guys did it by being generous in portions and making sure the food tastes the way it should.

You got their attention so now it’s the time to add value.

Works for every niche, this is a backbone of marketing.

c) Decoration wise, place made no sense – from old castle entry to pirates of Caribbean to normal restaurant.

I’m no interior decoration Wizzard, but it was a bit confusing.

Marketing lesson – it doesn’t have to look perfect to be good!

Who cares at the end of the day, I was there for food afterall.

I’ve touched on this before, your stuff doesn’t have to be perfect too, just get it going.

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