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The Gut-Ripping Australian Red Kangaroo Teaches A Lesson

This thing, red kangaroo, is quite and interesting animal worth nothing less than admiring.

A while ago I watched show about red kangaroo on Discovery channel, even though I lived in Australia for last 11 years…

I still got amazed.

This cute looking jumpdozer can has an average height of 1.8 meters, it has about 90 kg and can cover 8–9 m (26.2–29.5 ft) in one leap.

Plus, they fight all the time, it’s how they pick who will be the ‘alpha’ male.

Here is the thing – when they fight, they ‘sit’ on their tail and kick with their legs in front.

For them, it’s just a kick, but if that cute looking red furry thing kick you – it will rip your guts out.

We humans are simply too fragile for those muscular legs and sheer power which come out of them.

Not to mention, very sharp claws, which cut pretty much anything in a way.

The female always has three babies – one ‘grown’ up, one in the pouch and one in embryo state.

In time of drought, it can stop feeding one to let other two survive.

They are pretty smart, for example. They know dust on the surface is hotter than the one below so if it’s hot, they will dig out the hot part and sit on cooler part.

Also, they will lick themselves only on the top part of the body to prevent too much heat from the sun.

Here is the most fascinating part:

Occasionally they get chased by dingos, Australian wild dogs, and when happens, to outrun them…

Red kangaroo doesn’t hop faster – he only extends his hop distance which can be up to 8-9 meters.

In that fastest hoping state he actually spends the minimal amount of energy, he simply jumps further to ‘out run’ the dingos.

Poor dingos stand no chance – they have to run faster to run faster!

Makes sense?

Kangaroo doesn’t – he only jumps further without ‘running’ faster, which allows him to outrun them.

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P.s. I’ve seen one of those red kangaroos in friend’s farm – fascinating and scary experience, I made sure to avoid him in 100m radius…

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