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The boiled egg option

It’s 5am, I wake up with a smile on my face, I’m off to Europe to see my family and friends after five years.

To make things even better, my flight attendant friend has organized tickets for me and my partner at 90% discount – sweet.

The only catch is – we need the list to refresh at 8am in the Abu Dhabi time zone, about three hours difference from where we are.

We travel from Bali to Jakarta, and have about a few hours of waiting to make that happen.

We have a plan – we get the tickets, we check in, get into some lounge, do some work, eat, relax, etc…

Everything starts well, we whatsapp our friend, then suddenly no messages…

OK, the time difference and all, the list are refreshing, there is some delay…

That was at 10am now it’s 2pm, flight leaves at 5:30pm,

We have no tickets,

We need to get out of the country because we are on “visa run” (get out of the country, then get back so you can stay again for some time)

What to do?

OK, let’s eat,  we’ll make better decisions with a full stomach… I go for for boiled egg option…
What now?

Lets find tickets for Singapore but how to pay for them?
Me idiot has put money in a bank account, but not on a credit card, even if I transfer it, transfer won’t be instant…

Fuck ok, well think of something, for sure we can pay cash…

Stress is sitting in, we call our friend many times – no answer, email – no answer, whatsapp no answer, Facebook- no answer.


Now I’m worried something happened to her, now I’m getting even more stressed.

Europe is going at 5:30pm, flight for Singapore goes at 5:40pm.

Need to get out of the country…

Then suddenly, she calls, it’s all ok, tickets went thru and we’re off.

She fell asleep so hard that even her friend who was smacking on her door couldn’t wake her up.

Anyways, I don’t care…

But my gut does…

In all that panic I ate some food (fucking boiled egg) which didn’t agree with me.

So the whole trip instead of feeling excited I felt sick almost all the time..

So much about surprise – my parents didn’t know I’m coming just like I didn’t know I’ll feel like shit while surprising them.

Could I organise better, have better meal choices?

Whatever, here is the point:

You’ll face million and one challenges when you do stuff online, it’s quite normal.

The main point is not to give up, keep going, test and tweak and you’ll get there much faster.

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