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The Art of resistance

You know what I mean, you make a plan to do stuff…

Then pretty much everything happens to stop you from doing that.

It’s like an invisible force trying to prevent you from doing anything.

When this was happening to me, I actually thought that something is wrong with me.

I couldn’t get things done…It felt like shit…

That was until I read one book, called “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield…

It explained it all, how and why it happens.

In short, we all face resistance, it’s normal, bigger the plan – bigger the resistance.

You know the feeling.

I knew for a while if I want something there will be resistance, I called it ‘a test’

Some crap will happen to test me how I can handle that crap situation..

But what I didn’t know is that resistance comes from everywhere!

Friends call you, your electricity shuts off for no reason, your internet stops working, you feel like today is the worst day to do anything, your mum gets suddenly sick, etc..

Just this fact explained it all, why things don’t get done…

I mean, anytime you’ll try do do something, you’ll face resistance.

Resistance is nothing else but a test to see if you can handle the stress…

It happens because you want something, probably biggish, and if you pass the test – you’ll get it…

So, how do you fight resistance?

It’s actually simple – by doing stuff!

Stick to your schedule, do the things you said you will do, put time limits to finish the projects…

It’s simple, but the execution is mostly hard!

Why all this resistance talk?

If you’re reading this email, I believe you want something more out of your life, more than most people…

If that’s true, then that’s the reason why you face resistance..

It’s not there to stop you, it’s there to help you get was you want..

Only now you have the weapon how to fight it – just do it! (yes, it’s Nike slogan)

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