July 15, 2016 admin

Stop Reading All those Books

Once one person said “the power is in implementation”

Of course, I said to myself “I know that” but did I?

Not really, I knew that, but didn’t do it so I’d say I didn’t know it.

I’ve heard that phrase in many different ways from many different people.

When it actually struck me the most when I was listening to one guy who said he read the same book as I.

But the only difference was I was in debt broke flat and he was making about $10million USD per year.

You could say – that got me thinking, I quickly came to conclusion that “I wasn’t implementing’

Quick back story:

I love learning so I used to have an endless list of books and course I want to attend.

But that was the problem, too much learning and not enough implementing.

You kinda know a lot of stuff, but don’t have the results – it sucks big time.

In short, if you don’t put information to use – it’s worthless and it will cost you an arm and a leg.

See my example above, it’s pretty obvious, being broke sucks balls plus it feels like shit.

Here is the thing:

Stop reading those books and start implementing, you’ll see rapid change, a good one.

And yes, you should always read, but do implement what you learn.

Same goes for Magic Calendar program, if you do get it -implement what you learn. I promise you, you’ll get results.


If you’re thinking that you just wanna get it for the sake of it – then don’t get it in the first place.

Save us both the trouble and keep your money.