January 14, 2016 admin

Snake in my bathroom? What da f***?

Let’s do a bit of “Q&A” today.

First question…

QUESTION: Do I need to be tech savvy to sell online?

DAMIR: Nope, nada, zilch.

Here is why:

Many people like you and me had the same challenges so they hired tech people to make life easier for all of us.

They invented simple to use software so we don’t have to go crazy.

Meaning, if you have enough skills to ‘drag and drop’ or write out an email, you’re qualified.

And even if don’t want do that, you only need to know WHAT needs to happen, not HOW to do it.

Then you hire tech guys or girls to do the job for you.

You can outsource that for $3-$4 buck per hour…

Yes, the is little learning curve, just to figure out the ‘what needs to happen’ part.

QUESTION: What’s so different about online marketing?

DAMIR: In a marketing sense, nothing much, it’s still marketing.

The catch is in the medium, it’s ultra easy for anyone to penetrate.

Which for you means  a lot more competition than owning a local shop;

You’d have few competitors in your area, if even that much.

Online, your competition comes in hundreds or thousands of people.

That makes it hard.

What I mean, you want to develop your marketing chops and be better than most,

Otherwise, you’ll drown super fast.

Now the cool part –

You don’t have to become world known marketer, but you do have to know your niche, your people, what they want, their emotions, hot buttons, etc.

In short, more you know them – better your marketing skills will be.

And that will allow you to stand out.

QUESTION: Do I need a website to start?

DAMIR: Nope, nor I’d tell you to get one.

They take time to be built and can get pricey, which is a deal – breaker if you are starting or wanna test stuff.

I’d suggest to use the landing page provider software.

Landing page provider software has a stand alone page already built so you can test as many ideas you like.

It’s way cheaper and you can start in a matter of minutes…
Provided you have something to offer, test, sell, etc…

Then you build a funnel on the back of it…

Or you don’t have to; you can get one built for you in the MC Partnership Program.

It takes about 60sec to transfer it to your account.

Which exact tools you need, how to operate it, how to create your hooks and other stuff you need, you’ll find it all explained there.

That’s probably one thing I don’t promote nearly enough.
Just imagine time and money savings you get with this kind of set up.

Get it here:



P.S. I woke up the other day and found a snake skin in my bathroom. I sleep with my both bathroom doors open, it’s hot all the time here in Bali so she could have left it in my room too.

Now, I got a friend who said ‘now I’m definitely not staying at your place”, she is obviously afraid.

The way I see, this stuff in something new, exciting, maybe too much for some people.

The point – same event two different opinions; fear vs. excitement…

I call that positioning – very important stuff in marketing.

And guess what – people are bored shitless and live in fear all the time.

What do most people want more of?

 Yes, you got it – excitement!

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