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Repulsion Marketing

I’m not sure, I think I might have mentioned something like this before..

If you look at the cave man times, to get food, you had to go after it, chase it.

It was a normal thing; if you wanted dinner – you had to catch it first.

In that aspect, we didn’t really change at all; we still ‘chase’ things which we don’t have.

You want that car you don’t have…

You want to watch that movie you didn’t see…

You want to go places you haven’t seen…

You want to be who you haven’t been before…

And one thing we don’t handle well is – rejection.

To avoid lengthy email, here is a short version why humans can’t handle rejection:

In our human essence, we only want two things-

– To appreciated…

– And to be loved…

Everything revolves around those two things.

For example, a noisy drunk person doesn’t really want to create noise

The drunk person is actually doing it because he learned that if he does that he will get attention.

And us humans misplace attention for love.

We think attention = love.

So, in your marketing when you actually say who you don’t want to work with or who is not suited to your products/services…

It triggers the ‘chase’ mode in your prospects, now they want it even more.

Because they will chase things which are running away from them..

And they also can’t handle ‘rejection’ so they want whatever you’re selling even more.

You can use that trick for two reasons:

a) You can create even more desire for your stuff…

b) To actually repel people you don’t want to work with…

Which will position you even more as an expert in your field.

Now, you don’t have to be rude and all, there is the nice way of doing it..

It goes something like this…

“This is for who is this program for…”

“This is who this program is NOT for…”

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