April 15, 2016 admin

Online marketing gets the finger

One guy said it once really nicely “making money is simple, but not easy”

Think of online marketing, it’s the same – it’s simple but not easy.

Here is why:

– The vast majority of people think it’s enough just to put some webpage up and flocks of people will invade their site and they get rich overnight.


– The mindset of “I have a great product and it will sell itself” doesn’t help too.

What’s the point of even having the best product in the world if you don’t know how to grab people’s attention first so you can sell it?

– There is a learning curve:

You got to deliver your product or service, you got to be able to sell, you got to be able to market it- get leads…

And to start you got to figure out if people want your stuff at all…

– The tech stuff:

For most people, it’s still a big mystery, or they hate it, or don’t like it or simply don’t want to do it…

It can get frustrating…

– Then there is traffic:

Where to get it, that’s actually easy, almost anyone will sell you their ad space, but how to get quality  traffic and make people buy? That’s called optimization… and that’s not an easy thing to master…

So when you look at the some of the stuff above, the list could go on and on, it’s easy to see why some people give online marketing the finger.

But hey, being a business owner is not for everyone, it’s not an easy thing to do it, otherwise anyone would do it.

Guess, what, yes, there is a lot of work involved,

But it doesn’t have to be that hard, you can always learn on mistakes of others and learn from them without wasting your time.

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