August 30, 2016 admin

Nobody Ever Made It By Quitting

Some time ago, a really smart marketer called Frank Kern, said “nobody ever made by quitting, hang in there”.
I guess, you’ve been there.
You start things, then they don’t work out, then you get frustrated, then you quit.
For a while, I believed it the way to go.
If something doesn’t work out, just drop it and start fresh.
The problem is that you’re always starting..over, and over, and over, again.
Which is time consuming, and frustrating.
When you drop things and you start over, then everything what was done before is going to nothing.
All the effort, all the hours, all the sweat, all the sleepless nights, all gone…
Totally me in the past.
Now, I stick to the stuff above, to one thing I want to do, which in other words means “do it until it works”
So hang in there, nobody ever made by quitting.
It’s the quickest and surest way you’ll make it ?