June 7, 2016 admin

My Big Stupid Business Failure

Wanna make money?

Live location free life?

Or do whatever ‘tickles your balls’?

Awesome, you can do that, but please don’t do it the way I did it in the past.

One of the ‘great life lessons’ or I should better call it ‘great business lessons’ was, and still is:

“Do one thing, don’t change your game all the time”

Here is what I mean by that: I got this from one guy who was teaching me sales, Ben Harvey, awesome dude.

He said “you got to own the property in people’s minds”

For example. if you’re a hairdresser then you own the ‘hairdressing ‘property’ in your customers’ minds.

If you’re a car mechanic then you own car mechanic ‘property’ n your customers’ minds.

It simply means when someone is asking your customer “do you know any good hairdresser, they’ll think of you because you own ‘hairdressing property’ in their mind.

Same goes for whatever you want to own in your prospect minds.

Here is the thing: same goes not just for your customers, it goes the same for your family and people you know.

Have you ever been in a situation where your closest friends asked you “what do you do again?” or “ I still don’t quite get what you do”

Now that’s a problem, a big one, the one made me fail numerous times.

When you constantly change what you do, you confuse people aka a big problem.

Here is why:

Believe it or not we still make decisions with or ‘crock’ brain – it has only three functions, to fuck – reproduce, eat- to kill or to run away from danger.

It’s how we survived throughout the centuries.

In short, about 90% of our decisions are still made with ‘crock’ brain on a subconscious level.

Here is how it works:

Anything that ISN’T perfectly clear is confusing and anything that’s confusing is labeled DANGEROUS (by your potential customer’s crock brain)

And when things are dangerous, ‘crock’ brain will avoid them.

Now, here how that works in real life:

I’ve been constantly changing what I do, when that was happening, I was constantly changing ‘properties’ in people’s minds.

Meaning I was doing one thing right – confusing them!

And what did they do?

Nothing, they didn’t want to do business with me because they weren’t sure what the heck am I doing in the first place.

So they ‘run away’.

And me, not knowing how all this stuff works, was wondering why I don’t have clients, why is so hard to get business off the ground, why I don’t get referrals…

What a mess….

And major waste of time…

Not to mention how much money I’ve lost…

So stick to one thing, decide on which ‘property’ you want to own in people’s minds, don’t do stupid mistake I did.

How to own the ‘property’ in people’s minds is one of the things you can learn how to do it when you do EBM – education based marketing, to teach people your stuff which will automatically own ‘property’ in their minds for whatever you’re are teaching them about.

Cool or what?

You get detailed way how to do that in Magic Calendar Program: