August 16, 2016 admin

Marketing Systemisation Lessons From a Cat

Recently our half wild can got some new borns, three kittens.

My day is a vet so I asked what’s the best way to deal with the whole kitten thing.

Where should I keep them, how should I feed them, what ifs, etc.

He gave me a simple answer “ You just feed the mum(cat) and she will take care of the kittens”

That’s what I did, anytime she came, I gave her food, lots of time obviously, she was triple hungry.

From a chaotic state of mind, I got into Zen.

How? Why?

You see, my dad gave a system – you feed the cat, she will feed the kittens.

And it’s working like a charm.

Every problem is systematic in nature, I mean, you’ll have a better chance of solving a problem with a system.

Selling online is the same, there a system you can use to solve that problem(well, it’s been solved for you already):