May 12, 2016 admin

Marketing stuck on stupid

Yes, stupid!

Here’s what I mean by that:

Biz owners and wannapreneuers with zero, or next to none, marketing experience trying really hard to get their logo done perfectly.

Because they think, or should I dare to say, know this is the most important thing which will get their product sold??!!

Being stuck on ‘branding’ spending time picking logo colors.

And other miniscule bullshit to use on their site…

Instead of spending time on talking to customers and figuring out what they really want.

One guy said it perfectly “When you reach $5million in sales per year, then worry about branding”

Worrying too much what they think about their marketing instead of letting numbers do the talking.

Sales aka number will tell if marketing is any good or not.

Talking too much about themselves and nearly not enough about their clients need and wants.

We are in business to serve others, not the other way around. Clients only think about “What’s in it for me”

Not listening to expert advice instead, listen to their own advice(read no experience) then spends months and $$$ to get a product up which no-one wants.

Then accuse everyone else why their product is not listening but themselves.

And my personal favorite –

Thinking that by putting a website up will be enough to get flocks of people to their website and get a ton of sales practically overnight.

I mean, come on, those days are well behind us and as any business, online or offline, needs to be promoted.

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