June 15, 2016 admin

Marketing lessons from bamboo tree

I guess you know what bamboo is – a simple tree, good looking tree.

At the moment, I live in Bali and so happens that the villa I’m staying in, has a lot of bamboo plants.

But also bamboo has been used all over the villa for various purposes.

– It’s in the bathroom and it serves as decorative wall.

– It’s in a top bathroom and serving as a fence.

– It’s in a garden and it serves as a fence too.

– It’s in another part of the garden and it serves and ‘view blocker’ so not everyone who passes by on the way to their villa has to see me half naked in the pool.

– 5m lush green bamboo plant is on one side of the garden and it serves as a noise reduction barrier.

– In the office part bamboo hold a whole roof above my head

What I realized about it is how simple this plant is.

For example. Just in my villa, it has so many purposes.

And it’s cheap to get and easy to replace.

Think of it, it’s a major marketing lesson in there – so many people complicate their marketing with using all possible tech tools, softwares and god know what.

This creates a paralysis because now they have ‘tech problem’ because they can’t get their marketing message out.

That creates stress and anxiety.

Looking at bamboo, and its simplicity, you really don’t need much for your marketing:

– One landing page software, where you already have inbuilt standalone pages, for which it takes zero tech knowledge to get started (this kind of stuff was made for non-tech people not the other way around)

– One email marketing software…

– And one payment gateway…

All simple to use and come at very affordable cost.

That’s it…

No complicated websites, no coding, no design changes every 5min, no losing time on setting up merchant accounts, none of that…

In Magic Calendar program you get the full range of which simple tools use, most of them are either free or come at very low cost.

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