January 7, 2016 admin

KISS Your Way to Success

The following might seem a bit ‘weird.

And maybe even too simple on the border of fear.

But the lesson is mega important and, if you’re selling high ticket items, can be a big eye opening for sure.

Anyway, here the thing:

Back some time ago, I went to West Palm Beach, Florida to attend a “The Big Idea Bootcamp”

A $10,000.00 2-day marketing seminar from my mentor who is practically institutionalized in the guru land of internet marketing.

Big prices- big expectations.

Me living in Australia, with all the travel costs and all, the whole thing ended up costing me $17,000.00.

It’s kinda a big deal when you pay that cash for the information you want to learn.

So, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean I knew I’ll get the knowledge, but the set up was unclear.

How many calls I’ll get, how many follow back emails, detailed map of the venue, a ton of resources, what comes with it?

In short, I had many questions and very few answers..

But guess what, I when the whole shebang finished – I got my answer, one answer – keep it simple stupid (KISS).

Yes, it was hit ticket event, but it doesn’t mean that it has to come with billion things…

Which will only be nothing else but overwhelming.

It was quite the opposite…

One email confirmation, one other email with date, time and venue details and that was basically it.

Was the info worth it? You bet it was!

Here is the point:

It doesn’t matter what you sell, products, services, high ticket items, whatever…

You want to make things simple for your clients.

After all, they pay you to make things simple for them.

Not to complicate them…

Value is not in complicating things, value is simplifying things.

Wanna pay $10,000.00 to someone to complicate your life?

No, I didn’t think so…



P.S. By the way, if you want to learn some stuff from “Big Idea” training, go to: