July 18, 2016 admin

It’s a dogs’ life

Have you ever attempted to do something, then it didn’t work out?

Feels like a ‘failure’.

The problem is that this feeling scars you for the future.

It’s stays in your subconscious mind and it serves as a de – motivator.

And it’s a sneaky one – you consciously want to go forward, but somehow you find yourself not taking action and procrastinating.

Then the confusion hits “I wanna make it, yet somehow nothing is working out”

More ‘failures’ you get – more discouraged you get.

It’s hard, it feels like shit – it’s a miserable feeling.

It’s a dog’s life.

Yes, it is, if you ‘give up’ on trying.

One thing I found all successful people have, whether you can describe as success, is that they keep going.

The late Jim Rohn said, an ‘until mindset’ – do it until it works!

A fact of life is; your life might feel like a dog’s life, and it’s going to feel like that for sure,if you stop going forward.

As one of my mentors said “If you stop, then all this work you have done so far was for nothing”.

The cool part about ‘failures’ is that they are mega valuable – they show you what NOT to do in future.

So why would you wanna stop?

It’s crazy to do that.

Learning from the past so called ‘mistakes’ is the most valuable lesson you can ever get in life.

I know a guy, mega successful, he said “I got bankrupt twice because I was a slow learner”

Now he sells toner cartridges for about $50mil per year!!

There is a ton of stories like this.

It’s your choice…

Yet, if it feels like nothing is working out at the moment, that’s ok, it will work out as long as you keep going forward.

While you’re doing that, you want to make it easier on yourself.

Use the knowledge and experience of other people to help you push forward, use what they got, use their ‘failures’ so you can avoid them.

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