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How to Win Sales and Influence People

I remember when I started with my business some moons ago.

All i believed was the I have a good product that’s going to be enough to get sales…

Well, that’s what we call “living in la la land”

No matter how much I resisted, on the end of the day, I came to a conclusion, I’ll have to learn sales.. one way or another…

Written, in person, over phone, whatever…

As much as I had my resistant thoughts around it, I realised, sales is part of life anyways.

For example. Let’s say you want to go to the cinema, now you have to ‘sell’ that idea to your friend/partner or whoever you want to go with.

So you’re doing sales anyway on a daily basis.

And there are a few simple rules to follow the get naturally good at it..

I’m no start salesman, but this stuff helped me to sell more stuff:

– Ask questions, more you ask easier you’ll find out what they want..

Selling is not telling, it’s asking…

– Build trust by honestly caring about the people you want to sell to…

– Prepare, check them out, find out as much information you can before the meeting…

– Be ready to walk away from the deal, this one is big, soonest the people smell you’re ‘desperate’ they’ll eat you for breakfast…

Things above apply to one-on-one and phone selling.

If you still don’t feel comfortable doing it, then you can do the selling in written from – sales letter.

It takes away the uncomfortable situations in typical in-person selling.

And there is a specific structure you can follow.

Meaning, you have the structure, just fill in the gaps.

You get quite comprehensive sales letter template aka sales letter structure with Magic Calendar program.





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