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How to test your idea with low, or almost, no cost…

Here is one thing that happens all the time; and it’s fucking frustrating:

You spend months creating your product, building your website, $$$ in traffic and then – no-one wants it, no-one buys it…

That suck balls big time.

I have been there, many times, months lost, money lost which is ok, money you can always earn again but you can’t get the lost time back.

Not to mention the stress and low self-esteem which goes with it.

Frustration galore!!!

Anyways, here is a low cost ultra fast way to test your idea before you actually waste time and money to build a product no-one wants.

This way you can test your idea and at least some-kind of sign if people will want it or not.

Do this; in this exact order:

Step #1:

– Ponder about an idea or ideas, get two, three of them,

– Structure your hook, benefit orientated headline so people will want to know more about it.

– Pick a landing page provider of your choice, look for the ones which have 14-day free trial

– Pick a email marketing provider of your choice, look for the ones which have 14-day free trial

– Connect your landing page provider with your email marketing provider, it usually takes 2min to do that, 2-3 clicks

– Pick a landing page of your choice,

– Create 2-3 versions with different headlines (ideas)

Create an optin box, do not spend any time by changing the design, simpler the better

– Create ‘thank you’ page, it’s the page when people will land after option page when they give you their name and email

– When they do land on ‘thank you’ page – make sure you tell them they will be notified when your product aka idea will be ready

– Drive traffic to it – from your list, JV’s or paid traffic

– In short, if 100 people visit your page and you get 20 people on the list – the idea is good, it’s worth pursuing it…

There you go; if you have a list of people already or some partners, this whole process is completely free.

If you don’t, then you might spend $100 – $200 busks to get some traffic

In short ultra fast to put in place and super cheap to test.

Step #2:

Now the fun starts:

You got to deliver what you promised.

That’s a bit lengthy process in which we go into full detail on the Magic Calendar program:


Plus, you do get free funnel too, so all the tech stuff above is already done for you.





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