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How to Smuggle Jeans Over Border…and Why You Should Do It

Croatia, early ‘90s…

Not much happening apart from boring war..

Not much to buy, especially in the fashion world…

But there is one guy, who knows what he is doing..

My buddy Rene, he was the guy who brought a lot of fashion stuff in Croatia at that time..

How did he do it?

Well, in short, he smuggled jeans in big roles.

Nothing fancy there, but the way he was getting orders was quite interesting.

He would place an ad in newspapers “Selling Jeans” and then he would wait people to call him.

Then he would say that jeans were already on the truck coming from Italy.

Which it wasn’t…

It would only get on the truck, when people would pay him first.

Awesome; you say you got something, you sell it first, then you create it.

It hasn’t changed much since then.

You can do the same online these days:

You put in an option page, drive traffic, see if people are opting in, if they do, then you go and create a product.

It’s fast, cost less, and it’s a safer way to figure out if your product will be sold or not…

It’s the kind of thing you learn how to do properly in Magic Calendar program:



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