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How To Live In An Island of Gods

A little back story:

I was born in Croatia, then I was roaming around the Europe, Portugal, Germany, Spain…

Till I was about 29, then moved to Melbourne, Australia.

Now I live in Bali.

Balis is called “The Island of Gods”.

My partner and I visited Bali 6-7 times last 11 years, we love it here.

But hey, to live here full time, that was another thing, a challenge…

Not to mention, I didn’t really have any particular desire to live here…

Here’s how it happened, you may call it destiny:

Last year about this time, we visited Bali, because our friends had a wedding.

I guess, this was the worst time to visit-

My business was in shambles, I had bad systems, meaning I was getting paid on time and I was relying on referrals to grow the business.

This means out of 14 days of supposed to be ‘holidays’ – we worked for 12 days, crap.

I don’t recommend that.

In saying that, I always wanted to have location free business, which I do now, but back then I was still ‘afraid’ to move countries again.

So what really happened was a total surprise,a good one:

Before we left for the wedding, we got notified in May we need to leave our apartment in September.

My life and business partner was trying to get her fashion label of the ground and for the first launch out 50 dresses we ordered 46 came up with fault.

Couldn’t go on like that.

And because we had to work all the time we realized the internet is better in Bali than Melbourne.

What? Yep, it’s true…

At the same time one morning we woke up at friends pace, and started to work with a laptop by the pool with lush garden and at that moment I’ve asked her

“Why don’t we move here?”

At first I got intimidated…

It looks like another monster move, changing continents…

Unsure what’s going to happen, will it all work out, what if things don’t work out…

There was a lot of things to think about…a lot of ‘what if’s’

Or were there?

Here’s what I mean by that:


The internet is faster and the time difference is only 2-3h spending on daylight savings and out of all clients I have seen only one in person.

So no-one had to know here I ‘live” – tick


To get my partner’s business of the ground we had to be here. – Tick


We had to leave our place anyway. – tick

3 out of 3! It’s only a few moments in life when that happens…

And what’s the worst that can happen?

I screw up and have to go back to live in the most liveable city in the world – Melbourne.

From then on it took little time to organize – a plane ticket, travel insurance, and some place to live which you can find on the internet.

It’s hot here, so minimal wardrobe.

If shit happens, I can book a ticket and be back home same day.

It’s the same with selling stuff online, lots of moving parts, but not as hard nor does it take as long as it looks.

Especially when you get a lot of stuff done for you plus all the back up tools.

It’s something we deep inside of Magic Calendar Program.

Get started so you too can live in your ‘Island of Gods’



P.S. Forgot to mention you the most exciting part – living in places like this triples your money; you get more bang for a dollar.

Now we live in villa with 4x13m pool, 7 staff, daily cleaning 24/7 security, garden and pool maintenance…

It cost the same as one bedroom apartment in Melbourne – and no staff, I had to all the cleaning, washing, ironing,etc..and I had no pool or garden…

Plus, we eat out all the time in restaurants with the best food quality for a fraction of the cost we did back home.

So yeah, life is good…

Not sure if that ‘tickles your balls’ but for sure it does mine.

So, the message is still the same – I would love to see you to ‘triple’ your money too 🙂