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How To Find An Awesome VA In 7 Days At $3 Per Hour

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Talking about simplifying your life – so if you are getting paid more than $10 per hour then hire someone else for $3 hour to do your low value tasks. It makes sense, right?

Why would you waste your time doing stuff which you shouldn’t do at all?

It’s not your strength but it’s a strength of other people, let them do the job…

So where to go to hire someone to work for you for $3 per hour and still get work done by your standards? And how to hire them?

Where to go?

How it works?

You pay membership $40 per month then you can access massive database of educated people in Philippines who will work for you from $100 – $2000 per month.

We pay or VA with IQ 138, $400US for 160h of work per month and she is bloody awesome…that comes about $3 bucks per hour, $25 per day…

You really only need one month to hire someone then you don’t have to pay for membership.

You are in direct contact with your employee and you pay them direct via PayPal or whatever means you agree up on.

Here is how to make sure to hire the right person:

  1. 1. First thing I look for is their English score, they should be at least 4 stars. Please note, they rate themselves so many times their English is much better.
  2. 2. I look for most important skills they need to have so solve my immediate problem that is taking a lot of my time or I don’t want to do it any more.

Make a list of skills that you want your VA to have, I’ll rather look for less skill but they have to be strong than a lot of skills with average execution.

That problem you want them to solve for you, should not be the biggest or most complex, you have to solve that, they need to solve simple stuff fro you because that will free up your time to work on your important stuff.

  1. Look for their proof of identification, anything with score more than 80. No picture, no good.
  2. If they haven’t done it, ask them to DISC profile to help you get to know your potential employees.

You are really hiring personality so look for high scores in I and S. Meaning they will do what you a say and follow your instructions well.

High D means “dominance” meaning they want to be the boss and may be stubborn, just like you, so to bosses won’t go well together. Had that experience before, great guy but did things his own way.

More detailed info about DISC here:

  1. Make initial search based on criteria above, short list people and send them all short message explain what kind of job you are offering.

I look for fast response, what was written in that response, sometimes people don’t even read your message and reply something odd back – that’s first NO, obviously they no attention to detail.

I look for people who want to initiate the talk via Skype and send their Skype name without asking. Obviously they are confident so that’s good sign.

  1. Schedule chat via Skype. The whole purpose their is to test two things – they english level and do you match as personality.

If I am happy, then I will give them small task to do just to test their skills. I am happy to pay for it but if it’s small, I never’s a test…

I use something simple so I know they can immediately help me, the rest I can teach them.

There is time difference so you might run into few missed appointments, but that’s ok.

  1. If they pass the test, then I’ll choose the best one or maybe have another round of talk.
  2. Negotiate the price, be fair.

Last time we had a budget and we made an offer, dropped the price for 25%.

Simply say “this is what we need and this is what we can offer”

If it is a yes, then it all comes down to working hours, bonuses, free time, month of trial, etc…I leave that stuff to you…

  1. You can hire people for projects, part time or full time…

Quick recap:

Follow the procedure above, read more about how it works on the site and you will be just fine.

Important – save time by talking and testing to multiple candidates at once…

Please note, they are very cool people so treat them well, it doesn’t mean if you pay them less than yourself that they can’t be respected.

If you get stuck or need more info, let me know…

Good luck!


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