August 26, 2016 admin

How To Be Creative

Creative industry..those people think only they are creative because they work in the creative industry…

I mean, they are…

The problem is that this belief, is so massive that most people think they aren’t creative.

A man who turned his motorbike into the small restaurant on wheels is creative.

Mum with two kids and juggling two jobs is creative.

The guy in the airport no waiting list for the flights managed to invent a ‘waiting list’ and still get people on the plane in last minute is creative.

You are creative.

Maybe not in traditional sense of ‘creative industry’ yet you are creative.

The catch is – you’ll never see how creative are you unless you allow yourself to be creative.

I found that creativity comes from within and it’s usually stimulated but an outside influence.

How it works, at least in my case, is to go with an open mind and start browsing topics of your interest.

Then something will catch your eye, then you go a bit deeper.

Then let it simmer in your mind..

Then something will come out.

English is not my native language, as you might have noticed, but I still manage to write quite a bit even though I struggle with it almost everyday.

It’s just not natural to me.

Yet, I’ll make myself to find something with will inspire me to more ‘creative’.

Anyhooo, it’s your turn:

Pick anything you like, cooking is usually an easy choice to be creative, if you don’t cook, pick something which is easy for you.

Start to play with it, see what comes out.

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What could you do?

Where would you go?

What kind of creative project you could start? And finish?