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How to Avoid Being Social Media Moron

The purpose of this email is not to offend you…

Its purpose is to inspire you and give you practical strategies so you can get something out of your social media efforts.

Here is what most people do which turns them into social media morons:

– Having quadrillion social media accounts

What’s point of just having various social media accounts if you don’t really use them?

The point isn’t in having them all…

The point is to use the ones which will give the most return on investment; your money or your time.

Otherwise is a complete waste of time.

– Using automated software to send same exact message on all social media platforms

Social media platforms are different, and because of that they should be used for their strengths.

Pinterest for visuals…

Instagram for visuals and tagging…

Facebook for long posts, chats…

Twitter for short messages, etc…

So how da fuck can someone put the exact message across all platforms? I mean they can but they miss out on all the good stuff platforms have to offer…

It’s a lazy way approach to social media marketing and it ain’t working….

– Wasting hours on Facebook, just be ‘on top of things’

I mean, I don’t really have to comment on that one.

– Having instant notifications for all social media accounts so they can distract you all the time.

Talking about distractions…

One of the best ways to be more productive is to minimise distractions NOT to add them to schedule.

Try it out, you’ll get nothing done

– Immediately responding to all the messages, rags, trees, etc…

Is someone dying? I mean not all messages are:

a) Important and…

b) Urgent…

Most of them are just screwing around.
Why waste time on them?

Look, we both know I’m no “social media” expert, but I did all the thing above which turned me to frustrated anxious moron.

Because of that now I use little of social media, it’s simply not my media yet so I don’t waste time on it.

Neither should you if you’re in similar situation.

But if you do love your social media, here are few guile’s form marketing legend Dan Kennedy:

– If you don’t see direct ROI in sales from your social media, then don’t do it, stop wasting time

– Different social media platforms are all one thing – social media

– Rather use 1-2 social media platforms well than many of them just for sake of it

This is something that’s not covered in Magic Calendar program, thanks god.

Check it out here http://mcpartnershipprogram.com






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