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How Much Should You Spend Per Month To Run Your Online Business

Shiny objects, unnecessary tools, cool gadgets, apps…

Are they all needed to run an online business?


In fact, to run an online business only minimal things are needed.

Here are the tools you might want to use, simple but powerful:

– Landing page provider – builds lading pages, opt pages, sales pages, payment pages…$47 – $97 per month

– Email marketing provider – sends emails to your lists of people…Start at $9 per month

– Payment gateway – you need to get paid right? You only pay commission when you get paid…

– Hemingway app – help you to check your copy of which made level is written aim for grade 5 or lower. Free online, desktop version $9.99

– Ginger app – proofreads your copy, important if you suck at spelling and grammar as I do. There is a free version and paid option about $60 bucks

– Evernote – keep your thoughts organised, make as many more you like and sync it between all of your devices. Free version is great, paid even better about $50 per year or so…

– Lead generation – can be ‘free’ networking, sending emails (even though your time isn’t for free and networking costs money)

Or paid traffic – $10 per day, $300 per month min

– Education – $100+ trick here is to apply what you learn not to jump from program to program and do nothing….

All in all you can get away for about $500 per month, which is peanuts considering how much you can get back…

I mean, try to open up a physical store and how much will that cost you to set up and run…

If you are a coach, consultant, service provider or if you sell physical products you can still use the Magic Calendar program to help you sell more.

And it doesn’t use nay fancy, expensive, unnecessary software to help you run your business.






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