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Game Of Throne’s Marketing Secret

Not sure if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, I’m for sure.

It’s a bit complex TV series, many characters, many plays, got to put many dots together to figure what’s happening.

The game never stops, here is always something.

It’s series 9 I believe now and I’m slowly starting to get what’s going on.

Here is the thing:

How come people like me…

Maybe even you…

Are following show like this…

Season after season, being in constant anticipation what’s going to happen next?

What is it that keeps you glued to the screen?

It’s actually called ‘Zeigarnik Effect’, it’s something Hollywood screenplay writers have mastered.

You see, Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik found in 1927 that waiters remembered orders only as long as the order was in the process of being served.

When we are holding things in short-term memory…

We have to rehearse them otherwise they disappear, like a light going out.

This requires cognitive effort, and the more things we are rehearsing the most effort.

The waiter’s trick is thus to keep spinning the plates of the open orders whilst letting those which are completed fall.

A similar effect also happens over a longer period as we worry about those things in which we have not achieve closure.

Thus, you might keep thinking about a problem at work over a whole weekend as it keeps coming back to haunt you.

And that’s the secret:

Never finish the story, always have it open, or if one finishes, open a new one straight away.

Keep people in anticipation for more!

Because our human nature by default will keep on thinking about the things you didn’t have closure about.

In one word, you can call it – curiosity!

People just love it.

I mean, how excited are you to go and to watch the movie, but you already know how it will end?

Not very much I’d guess.

And that’s the same weapon you should use in your marketing.

Never reveal everything, if you do…

You’ll find yourself in the position of giving too much value to a bunch of people who don’t want to buy your stuff because they think they know it all.

Keep the on the edge, keep the interested, make them be curious about your stuff.

It’s just one of the things we go over in far more detail in Magic Calendar program in module #4 I believe, check out here:




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