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As you might have noticed, at the moment I’m writing this I’m currently living out of my country.

Which means that from time to time I have to do a ’visa run’.

Exit the county, then enter it again to get a new visa so I can stay for longer.

Many people do it, it’s quite normal here.

The idea is to fly out and come back as fast and the cheapest possible.

Being a tourist season at the money, tickets are quite pricey at the moment.

But Damir, found much cheaper option so instead of paying about $1200, we can get away for $420.

Cool or what, that’s what I call savings ?

Plus my friend told me I can stay at his place when I’ll be visiting Ibiza so another $1500 saved.


My $420 deal required to have one stop over – Jakarta.

So Bali – Jakarta- Singapore and from Singapore directly back to Bali.

Everything was fine until we came to the airport and realized I bought tickets to fly out form Balikpapan (north Bali)

Which is all good apart Balikpapan is on another island 500km away.

Bravo Damir…

In my whole excitement I booked ticket form completely wrong place…

And it was very easy to make that mistake – I was blinded by the light of having cheaper flights so much that I didn’t even notice Bali is not Balikpapan.

Things are a bit weird here with the names and all..

Anyways, 3h later I had to spend another $1000 to get to Singapore – one way.

Lucky I had tickets to get back already..

I missed the detail, very small on the screen, but made a big hole in my bank account.

Here is the thing – even though I avoid perfection and all the ‘details’ I still stand that the right details should be double checked.

In my case it would mean – double check all the destinations (very important detail)
What am I going to wear, what will I eat and how will I spend my time (not important detail)

In your case – maybe checking that your payment processor is actually connected to your bank account would be an important detail.

How it looks, having perfect logo, wording, or whatever – not important detail.

The point:

Worry about the things that really matter, unless you want to have a big hole in your back account.

All the detailing stuff only makes you procrastinate and postpone your marketing campaigns …

While you could have been making $$ already.
The magic Calendar program has lots of details in it, is it perfect? No!

Does it work? Yes!