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Drinks At Sky Garden?

Sky Garden is the place you wanna avoid…

I mean, you got there, pay $10 buck then from 5pm till 9pm you can drink and eat as much as you want…

Not my kind of crowd, but hey, it’s dirt cheap.

They are so good that when you order one drink; you always get two – two beers, to gin and tonics, two red bull vodkas.

Plus the food is actually good for that kind of place.

So one might ask “how do they make any money”?

Well, for those hours and greedy customers like me, who can actually get out before 9pm when they start to charge they normal prices – they don’t make any money.

What they have calculated that in the grand scale of things, there is only few people like me…

Others fall into ‘trap’ – get them fed, drunk and lazy so they don’t wanna move.

Then they charge them an expensive price for a drink.

Lazy bums don’t care because they ‘got the deal’ before.

Sky Garden people make a lot of dinero.

Good on them, that’s brilliant marketing.

Does it work?

They used to have one bar, now they own a whole four story building.

This is the very same strategy McDonlads use, it’s the one I wrote to you about some weeks ago.

It talks about how you can go negative, make less in start but create a critical mass of people so when they go and buy your ‘second’ product – you get everything back plus hefty profits.

It’s the same strategy you can learn about in detail in Magic Calendar Program.

Sell something, then sell something even cheaper than sell something 8x – 10x the price from last product.

You make lots of dinero because you have more people on the list who sold something cheaper than something more expensive in start.

Anyhow, might sound confusing, but it’s actually simple, and logical…Yeah, I know who cares about the logic…



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