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Crazy wacky way for sending emails





Here is why..

Typical 20th century, old way of doing it, unfortunately, used by most biz owners…

Send one email per week or per month because “I’m afraid to use people on my list”


“I don’t like getting too many emails so why would I send them too”

Well, I bet the stuff that interest you; you read all the tme

And you don’t delete those emails.

Yes, if yours sending crap to your list, then you shouldn’t send them emails and hey should be erased.

I know you’re better than that.

Studies have been made, look it up on the net, people who send the most emails – make the most money.

Money might not be your thing…

If not, what is it?

I’ll take a wild guess; you want be seen as an authority.

If that’s not yet your thing, make it your thing otherwise you won’t see any that’s.

So, who do you see as an authority?

The person sending you a couple of emails per month?

Or the person who sends you daily stuff on the topic?

Yes, you don’t need to send daily emails, but at the bare minimum you should send at least one-two emails per week.

Try it out, see how you go.

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