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Business on wheels

Picture this…

Overcrowded streets with people.

Cars, trucks, thousands of motorbikes coming at you from every possible direction.

Something it feels like they are falling from the sky too.
Dust, pollution and all, true traffic chaos.

It’s a daily thing here in Bali, Indonesia.

Also at the same time,

There are countless pop up restaurants, repair joints, shops, various businesses…

And my personal favorite – business on wheels.

Main form of transport is, as you have imagined – motorbikes.

And people took them to another level; they turned it into real businesses!

There are bikes turned into mini shops on wheels.

All kinds of restaurants on wheels.

They even use them as chicken delivery ‘trucks’…

As you can imagine, all sorts of ‘business on wheels’…

And that’s the point that gets me – some people never give up!

These are people living third world country with far less options and choices to ‘make it’.

Yet still, instead of giving up; they have created something to make their life better.

These people, these kind of people, are the real entrepreneurs…

And they have a different mindset than wannabepreneuers.

They have actually done something instead of just talking and wishing for it.

It’s the mindset which pushes them forward not the lack of the opportunities.

Talking about online business, there is a certain mindset you wanna have if you want to make it online.

In Magic Calendar program, this is the first thing we talk about, to make sure you’re set to ‘make it’.

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