August 2, 2016 admin

Blackmail, can you believe this?

The following is true, it actually happened to me.

(By the end of this email, I’ll show you how to make sure it never happens to you)

Back story – about six weeks ago I took on a project to which I was confident I can finish in 48h.

Then on Friday I get a deadline for the project to be finished on Monday.

Nothing as ready, always content missing, picture missing, confusing interactions coming from 10 different people and five different platforms.

Fucking mess…

This happened five weeks in a row, which, obviously, made me frustrated as you can imagine…

Because I’d get ‘final’ content on Friday night…

Then I get under pressure to finish everything by Monday

Then everything changes next week again…

Besides feeling frustrated, now I feel like a an idiot too.

Anyway, finally last Friday everything was done…

The guy says “no probs, can I send you payment next Wednesday? And we will do then changes need as we go?”

I say, it’s cool.

Then today, on Tuesday I get a message “Hey, can you make those changes we spoke about today before I relate your funds?”

What da fuck?

So in other words, “I won’t pay you unless you do the job”

Wow. How did I get myself into this mess?

I actually know – haven’t followed my own procedure.

You see there was a time when my whole life was in a mess because I had not good payment structure.

And it looked like this “Pay me 50% in advance than 50% when the job is done”

That’s a problem because clients will usually drag their projects for months – meaning you don’t get paid.

How did I get my life and finances back on track?

It was when we introduced a better payment structure:

“ You pay me 50% in advance, you have 10days to deliver your content, then I’ll go and build your thing with the content I got. Your project will be finished in three weeks. Another 50% will be automatically paid to us on day 27 from the start of the project.”

In other words, I get paid on day 27 no matter what.

Of course, you need to make sure you can deliver.

Now, this whole ‘blackmail’ crap above happened because I didn’t follow my own structure.

So if you’re in some kind of project delivery space, this little structure can, and will, save you a lot of stress and frustration.

Or better, if don’t even want to deal with people, then checkout Magic Calendar program and see how you can sell stuff without dealing with people on project level at all:



p.s. By the way, that guy that frustrated me, is actually a good guy, he didn’t mean to ‘blackmail’ me, but he did do me a favor by reminding me what happens if I don’t listen to my own advice…