July 23, 2016 admin

Beware of free information

Not all free info is actually ‘free’.

Here is why:

A lot of goo-roo’s give out free info which for the most part is good yet often outdated.

Outdated info doesn’t help anyone.

Or the information give is nothing else but giving new tactics, but not new strategies.

Or the info in presented in a way that make you think you can do it all..

But the most crucial parts to make your business successful, are left out.

Or you get too much info and you do nothing because you feel overwhelmed.

Or the info you get is just chasing fads.

Listen, I’m not saying there is no good free info out there,  but any self-respecting gu-ru won’t give all their knowledge for free.

a) They know the value of their information

b) They know you don’t take free information seriously

It’s fact – soonest you pay for something – you want something out of it.

Can you find good free information online?

Of course, but it takes time and money.

What? Money?

Yes, money.

Here is the thing:

To recognise good from ‘bad’ information you actually need to spend money to get the good one.

Makes sense?

Then you can see which free information is actually good and which is not.

I know, it’s a vicious circle.

The good part – for information to be good; it doesn’t have to be expensive.

As matter of fact,

We instinctively think if something is expensive,

That is automatically better than something of the same kind but cheaper.

So, money is not the measure of quality of information.

What is then?

In my opinion:
Match of information you want to your needs then ease of application of that info and result you get from it.

Sure, you got to spend money first to get it.

So what?

For 99% of info products, or almost any other products, you can you get your investment back.

An easy way to test the whole thing.

I’d say that much better way to get good proper information than chasing free stuff all the time.

Like any other self-respecting business owner, I don’t give away my best stuff for free.

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