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 5 Traffic Source Ideas to Ramp Your Sales in One Weekend or Less..


The question many people ask is “Where do I get traffic?”

Traffic is actually not a problem, you can get it anywhere, virtually anyone wants to sell you traffic.

But not all traffic is good, quality traffic.

Anywhoo, are 5 traffic source ideas you can start using immediately:

Solo ads – there are people with list in all kinds of niches, you pay them money, they send you traffic.

Good traffic and leads can come out of there, but you want to make sure your sales page converts.

Otherwise, you blow many fast.

Banner ads – you can find websites on which you want to advertise and lace your banner there.

It works really great if you ‘spy’ on your competition and get traffic from the same place they are getting it from.

Can be cheap, can be expensive…in any case you want to make sure your sales page converts.

JV – partner up with people and blast your promo to your JV partner list.

This is very good because you can use ‘borrowed credibility’ strategy.

Meaning, people already trust your JV partner so if they promote your stuff to their list, you got their trust already.

And you can get away with having an average copy and average offer.

Google ads – got to know your keywords, it can get expensive in that game, very expensive.

The advantage you have is that people who are searching on Google are already in ‘buying mode’ so it doesn’t take a lot of persuading to convert them.

Not the easiest thing to set up, lots of learning.

Facebook ads – simple to set up plus you get free access to their ‘audiences’ tool where you can find out many interesting things.

This way when you start you already know who to target and where.

It gets easier from that point.

The best part? It takes very little, about $10 to start, then scale up from there.

If you’re just starting, I’d suggest start first with Facebook, get things going, then move to other traffic sources.

In Magic Calendar program you get to learn how to set up Facebook ads, how to set up audiences and re-targeting..

Basically everything you need to get started fast.


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