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7 hacks guaranteed to jack up your marketing chops

Here is the thing: it’s easy to complicate things online, so much different advice, so many tools, so many options.

So I thought you might like knowing how to hack the system and get thing done faster without usual daily stress.

Hack #1: 

Test first build later – if you have an idea, you can build an optin page and send traffic to it.

You don’t need a product or report or anything to give away.

You can say “you’ll be notified when xyz becomes available.”

If people are opting in at the rate of 20%, meaning out of 100 people who visit your page you get 20 of them on your list, you got something worth pursuing.

Hack #2: 

Ask – ask past clients, potential clients, ask anyone you can think of if they would be interested to know more about your product or service.
It’s also a very good way to find out what people really want, it gets you out of the guessing game.

Then apply step one, test it out before you spend time building the whole system.

Hack #3: 

Promote competitors – yep, if you have an idea, but you don’t have a product; find someone who does, competitors are a good start.

Then become their affiliate and promote their stuff.

If you can sell their stuff, then you should be able to sell your stuff too.

Hack #4: 

Stick to the essentials – people pay more for different delivery of the product.

You can start by giving away the ‘report’ then you can try to sell it, then if it sells, you can make an audio version of it and sell it for more.

If that sells, you can make a video version of it and sell it for even more. If that sells well then you can sell a live workshop for even more.

You get the point, right?

Start simple, start fast to then expand as demand grows.

If there are no demand or sales, don’t waste time in building high-end product from the start.

Hack #5:

Get more mileage – dissect your product and sell as different parts.

For example. You can create a video type of info product then extract the audio and text version out of it.

You can sell them separately, as in hack #4, or as one product which have and audio and ‘workbook’ version.

You get one thing done, but three versions of it at the same time.

Hack #6: 

Make bonuses worth more than product itself – chop your products into pieces and give the most valuable ones as bonuses.

Let’s say you have 7 part video series program, then sell 4-part program and give other three as bonuses.

Make sure those three parts are essential and valuable, so in the mind of customer they are more valuable than the program itself.

This way you don’t have to worry about which bonuses you will give away.

Hack #7:  

Get quick results – Apply at least one, or all, of the strategies above and you’ll get results fast.

All the strategies above don’t necessarily need more work,

In fact, some of them need a little work but can give you a lot more clarity and quick sales.

Want more hacks and in depth online marketing strategies?

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