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3 Simple Ways To Ruin Your Work Day


Though I’d share some productive stuff.

After all, you’re in business, right?

I haven’t met a business person who likes to be un-productive.

But have met, have been and still some days am, a victim of un-productivity.

Over the years, I found these three ways to be the biggest enemies of productivity.

One – Your Inbox 

Yep, open it up first thing in the morning and see your day go to chaos in a matter of minutes…

Frustration which goes with is for free.

Tip: unless you’re a doctor and someone will die if you’re not around…

Then the world is not going to fall apart if do what’s most important to you first.

Then open an email an hour later.

Two – Multitasking

I don’t care how smart are you or if you can actually do a few things at once together, multitasking is a killer…

It’s proven, like, a million times, us humans are not made more for it…there is about 2% or something, people who can do it – superhuman.

For the rest of us, multitasking is nothing but pain.

Tip: do one task at the time, you’ll finish them faster than doing them all at once.

Three – The Overthinking

It’s got you nowhere because you everything.

Thinking isn’t taking action, that the problem all ‘what ifs’” will only drive you nuts.

TIP – “Motion beat meditation” is the latest saying I got a form mega successful guy, called Doberman Dan.

DO something, something will happen, good or bad, then you’ll bypass all the thinking

In short, “sharpen the saw” instead of jumping straight to work, first thing in the morning, spend some time setting your mind right to attack the day.

Mindset helps, in fact, it’s all in the mindset.

There are nine good ones, which I like, you get them with the Magic Calendar program:







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