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How To Become Better You

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Here is a post I wrote on in my FB group then I relized it might be good idea to turn it into the blog post:

FUCK: for last three days I’m trying to post very cool video from one awesome location but it’s not happening..talking of which, it ain’t gonna happen today too..

Which bring me to the point, for quite a while I wanted to share something with you, something I had to learn the hard way because my dumb-ass didn’t want to listen:

When shit is not happening in your private life and or biz, just like today, then, I believe, there is only ONE solution – it’s to better yourself!

I took this one from legendary Jim Rohn:

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom.”

It’s like this, the way I see it:

You can have anything and everything you want, to get it you got become wiser, more skilled, more resourceful, got to do more stuff, try more, fail more, keep on going, keep on believing in yourself, avoid listening and or hanging out to disbelievers, emotional vampires and other assholes, basically anyone who doesn’t believe in themselves and you…

In my experience, anytime I was going through shit time(read: created by me and me only, not the lack of opportunities, etc..) when I chopped it all up and analyzed it all, the solution only came when I became a better person…

Somehow life wants to give you everything you imagined, but it’s going to test you if you’re up for it; just like asking for a raise then your boss gives you more responsibilities, if you can handle that, you got the cash…

So how to better yourself? (All the tips below are completely FREE to implement so avoid selling yourself that, yet another, bullshit story you can’t do it, there is no time or money to do so)

1. You got to believe in yourself, otherwise this stuff won’t work. Two cores are beliefs here:

I can do it – skill level.

This one is easier to acquire, skill is all about practice, nothing else…just like walking, first it was a problem now you don’t even think about it..

I deserve it (whatever that is) – self-worth level.

This is one more tricky to get over because it might have crap embedded early in your life, but don’t worry – you get the shortcut…

2. Fix only one problem at the time, the one which is most likely to push you forward in life/biz…

So don’t worry about what might happen or will happen, worry and fix stuff that are important and need imminent attention…

Fix the problem so you never have to worry about it again…

This strategy will keep you away from overwhelm.

3. Schedule stuff, we work better under constraints.

The rule is – deal with most important problem fist; most uncomfortable usually most important.

Don’t worry about being disciplined, just minimize distractions – it easier…

Money, people, opportunities is attracted to power, to control – your shortcut to control and power is to schedule your time!

This way you’re showing control.

Makes sense?

So here is how to make this three steps work -the shortcut:

You schedule your time to attend the most important problem, the one which will push you forward in life or biz the fastest…

(trick there is not to pick easy things to avoid doing hard things, trick is to do the RIGHT things which consequently sometimes will be easy and sometimes hard – so act in-spite of feelings)

Put time constraint if you can and stick to it, solve the problem…

What starts to happen because you are starting to solve important things in your life, your confidence in you starts to grow because to solve stuff you got to amp your skills and when you do that your self-worth grows – “productivity increases self-worth”

Get it? Sure you do…

It’s that “simple” ….you schedule time to solve shit and because you do you confidence grows, you get momentum, you start to feel better and start to attract whatever you want in life because other things and people want to hang with cool confident people – NOT losers!

This newly found confidence will give you “celebrity” status and people are attracted to celebrities(because people don’t have it and want the feeling of it, or they do have it and what hang with people on same level – win-win)…

This is your control, this is your power, only you can control your time – either you run your day or the day runs you.

You see what I mean? Awesome balls!

Few notes:

Yes, with more confidence comes more disbelievers telling you how are becoming ‘cocky’ avoid listening them…

Yes, things are easier to say than do – but that’s the challenge, right? if you want to make difference in your life then this is what you’re up against – you!

Yes, you will probably ‘fail’ miserably million times before you make it work but again, no one ever made it by quitting!

Yes, you will try to sell your self excuses so try this:

“To get results you didn’t have before – you got become the person who you haven’t been before.”

Who da fuck are you Damir to spread these words of wisdom and why should I listen to you?

I’m just guy(your buddy on FB and life maybe) who wants more out of life, or should I say more or less everything what it has to offer, and has been through lots self-imposed low self-worth anxiety attacks newly grow grey hair losing moments in life and somehow managed get over myself and get important things in my life – lifestyle n friends..

Still working on other less important stuff…one thing at the time…

Yes, my days are mostly a big mess but following the stuff above I do get things done…

So if you want to waste time figuring this stuff for yourself go for it!

Yet what I managed to learn that is far more easier and faster to pick up thing or two from people who have been in your situation before, try their systems out and shorten the learning curve(read: avoid unnecessary painful moments in life)

This way you can become a better person after and do some other awesome goodness in life to help others become better person

So much for today’s post which took me two days to write…

(you guess it,; I was faced with challenges and didn’t stick to my deadlines – but I got it somehow…feeling good now)


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