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How to Smuggle Jeans Over Border…and Why You Should Do It

Croatia, early ‘90s…

Not much happening apart from boring war..

Not much to buy, especially in the fashion world…

But there is one guy, who knows what he is doing..

My buddy Rene, he was the guy who brought a lot of fashion stuff in Croatia at that time..

How did he do it?

Well, in short, he smuggled jeans in big roles.

Nothing fancy there, but the way he was getting orders was quite interesting.

He would place an ad in newspapers “Selling Jeans” and then he would wait people to call him.

Then he would say that jeans were already on the truck coming from Italy.

Which it wasn’t…

It would only get on the truck, when people would pay him first.

Awesome; you say you got something, you sell it first, then you create it.

It hasn’t changed much since then.

You can do the same online these days:

You put in an option page, drive traffic, see if people are opting in, if they do, then you go and create a product.

It’s fast, cost less, and it’s a safer way to figure out if your product will be sold or not…

It’s the kind of thing you learn how to do properly in Magic Calendar program:




Why You Shouldn’t Never Put Your Client On a Pedestal 

Short one for today.

Here is the thing…

If you do put your clients on a pedestal, then they have nowhere else to look at you but down.

Make sense?

Remember this:

If you’re good at something, if you’re good at getting results for your consulting clients, then you’re the one who should be on a pedestal.

There are more people in the world who need your help than there are good consultants alike you in your niche.

You have the upper hand.

Put them at the same level and you’ll be just fine.

Of course, you got to get them first:








Shoot for the stars and you’ll hit the moon

They asked Muhamed Ali how many pushups he can do.

He answered, “I don’t know… I only start counting when it starts to hurt”

Arnold Schwarzenegger had the same answer about building his muscles and how many repetitions he does.

Harrison Ford went for auditions for 13 years before he got his first role and that was in “Indiana Jones” movie.

The story goes that people gave him a chance because he was the only one always there.

Jim Rohn very famous guy in personal development, successful businessman and mentor of Tony Robbins said you got to have an “until” mindset…

“Do it until it works…”

Its most persistent people who make it not necessarily the most talented ones.

Here’s the point:

If do push ups and yo say I’ll do 10 push ups, then you’ll do only 10.

What’s more, you’ll limit yourself.

When you start doing push ups and you only start counting when it starts to hurt; then there is no limitations.

And, most important, feeling is much better.

But here’s the shocker:

“You’ll never out-perform yourself expectancy”

Which means set your daily goals a bit higher, you’ll achieve them.

Set them low and you won’t achieve them, you won’t outperform your self-expectancy. 

So shoot for the stars and you’ll hit the moon.

Want results? Want to sell more? Want more clients? Want better lifestyle?

Do it until it works!




P.s. it’s simple, but not easy, are you in?


You’re not selling your product, you’re selling your offer


What do you think is the most important?

Your sales copy? 

Your offer?

 Or your list?

In which order of importance you would do it?

My take was –

Sales copy…




The real answer is: 




Here is why:

I imagine you’re a red wine drinker, and you get an offer to buy white wine.

No matter how good the wine, or write up is; you still won’t buy it.

Why would you, you only drink red wine.

Imagine you get an offer for red wine, this is already interesting.

And offer says buy 1 get 2 plus it’s your favorite kind of wine, fruity full bodied Shiraz…

You’re practically sold…

But you need to get out to get it, then you read that you can order it online and get it delivered the next day.


You don’t really care about the ‘write up’ you bought the ‘buy 1 get 2, home delivery’ offer…

Make sense?

You’re not selling your product or service, you’re selling your offer.

It’s why you might be baffled how some crappy product sell and good ones don’t.

It’s because the guys with crappy product had better offer not product.

It doesn’t mean you should have crap services and products, it means you want to think differently and sell your stuff from another angle…

An offer angle…

How can you make more sexy?

How can you add more bonuses?

How can you make it irresistible?

This is just one of the thing you goo deep on in the Magic Calendar program.

You get full strategy, how to research and craft your offers, check it out:








The Email Myth Revisited – How Often You Should Send emails

What do you love?

In what are you interested in?

Cats, dogs, makeup, travel, cars, food, coffee, money…

Let’s say it’s dogs.

So you follow Cesar the dog whisperer and he sends you emails quite often, maybe even daily…

You get advice how to train your dog, how to make him/her listen to you, the best foods for dogs, how often you should walk your dog, etc…

You can’t get enough of it…

It’s the same with your crowd.

They actually want to hear from you, more often the better because if you don’t give them the advice or resources, they will get from someone else.

Let’s face it: that someone else will sell them their stuff…

If you’re providing good honest advice and give good relevant content, people who are on your list; they don’t want to unsubscribe…

They want more of it, more of you…

There is a thought many people say “I don’t want to spam my list”

But how are you spamming it if you are sending good quality content?

You’re only spamming it if you’re sending crap…

Do you want to subscribe form Ceasar’s list if you’re a dog lover and you love the stuff he send to you?

Believe or not, in the internet marketing world, the one who sends the most emails; makes the most money.

If you’re selling online, you’re in the marketing world.

And most important, it doesn’t matter in which niche you are consulting, coaching, service provider or selling physical products…

Which strategy you should follow for sending emails?

There are many, you get one in Magic Calendar program:


Cheers,Much Macho Damir

Are you making these mistakes in online marketing?

Having a website or sales funnel and thinking traffic will magically appear by itself to get sales going…

 Not emailing your list at least once week… thinking they will unsubscribe because of it…

Creating products without researching the market…

Thinking logo design is more important than sales copy…

Thinking that perfect grammar will sell your products…

Learning to design your website to save a buck, but you’re not a web designer…

Want to make everything ‘perfect’ but you don’t even know if your product will sell…

Look, those all are good intentions, but they are set for failure.

 I’ve done it before..

By far the biggest mistake I’ve noticed is that people take whole internet marketing thing too lightly.

Now, it’s no secret that there are a lot of moving parts and you should at least know what needs to happen not how.

And yes, it’s overwhelming for the most part..

Yet, there is a way how to make it all happen without taking it lightly and avoid falling into the trap of trying to figure it all out – overwhelm.

One secret you might not be aware of you don’t what to be aware of is this:

There is structure, there is a system, a formula  in what to look for i.e.  Who people want to be, have, do..

For example:

There are only about 7 emotions which will make people buy not 2000…

There are only five levels of market ‘awareness’ meaning when you know which level your people are – it’s getting easier to structure good headlines which will grab their attention…

There is specific system, how you write sales letters no guessing there…

There is system, how to structure your sales, marketing funnels…

There is the system who and when you write your emails…

When you follow the system, things get simpler, meaning you can do more things on simpler way.

Which will make your life a hell of a lot easier, taking that weight off your shoulders…

With Magic Calendar program, you get that system, you get that structure, you get the whole marketing funnel done for you…

Basically everything you need to make your life simpler and more enjoyable.







 5 Traffic Source Ideas to Ramp Your Sales in One Weekend or Less..


The question many people ask is “Where do I get traffic?”

Traffic is actually not a problem, you can get it anywhere, virtually anyone wants to sell you traffic.

But not all traffic is good, quality traffic.

Anywhoo, are 5 traffic source ideas you can start using immediately:

Solo ads – there are people with list in all kinds of niches, you pay them money, they send you traffic.

Good traffic and leads can come out of there, but you want to make sure your sales page converts.

Otherwise, you blow many fast.

Banner ads – you can find websites on which you want to advertise and lace your banner there.

It works really great if you ‘spy’ on your competition and get traffic from the same place they are getting it from.

Can be cheap, can be expensive…in any case you want to make sure your sales page converts.

JV – partner up with people and blast your promo to your JV partner list.

This is very good because you can use ‘borrowed credibility’ strategy.

Meaning, people already trust your JV partner so if they promote your stuff to their list, you got their trust already.

And you can get away with having an average copy and average offer.

Google ads – got to know your keywords, it can get expensive in that game, very expensive.

The advantage you have is that people who are searching on Google are already in ‘buying mode’ so it doesn’t take a lot of persuading to convert them.

Not the easiest thing to set up, lots of learning.

Facebook ads – simple to set up plus you get free access to their ‘audiences’ tool where you can find out many interesting things.

This way when you start you already know who to target and where.

It gets easier from that point.

The best part? It takes very little, about $10 to start, then scale up from there.

If you’re just starting, I’d suggest start first with Facebook, get things going, then move to other traffic sources.

In Magic Calendar program you get to learn how to set up Facebook ads, how to set up audiences and re-targeting..

Basically everything you need to get started fast.



Stuck, stuck, stuck..

stuck,stuck, stuck..

Do you feel like that sometimes?

I’m stuck today, stuck to my neck, not sure what to write.

Being stuck sucks for sure..

 Then again, as one of the best direct response copywriter in the world says “just write the first word, then second, then third…”

 Easier said than done.

 Not sure what to write…

 Typing in helps…

 Looking around for inspiration…

 Maybe I should read and get an idea…

 Wait a minute, just got one..

 This one is from one of my favorite books I’ve read “War of Art”…

 It’s written by a guy Steven Pressfield…

 He talks a lot about resistance, he it manifests itself and who to conquer it..

 He says:

 “The more Resistance you experience, the more important your unmanifested art/project/enterprise is to you – and the more gratification you will feel when you finally do it.”

 Love it…

 Resistance is everywhere, the good thing is – if you ever had doubted that what ever you’re doing is the right thing to do…

 Then you know it’s the right thing for you…as long as you feel resistance…

 Isn’t it funny how it works?

 The stuff you want to avoid, things which you’re afraid of are actually the most important ones…

 This kind of thing keeps me going.

 Hope they keep you going too…







6 Poison Thoughts Which Can Suck The Life Out Of You 

Have you noticed if you look round that there is An abundance of practically everything you desire

An abundance of opportunities?

An abundance of the life you want?

An abundant resources, courses, tools?

 I’d be a fool to say I wasn’t blind for years and haven’t seen this abundance.

 So, how come if there is so much of the abundance of practically everything you still get to live the life you imagined for yourself?

It’s not that a there is a lack of things, the only lack that does exist, lives in your head.

 How come two persons can read the same book, or attend the same course, and one person ‘makes it’ other one doesn’t?

 What I found out it what’s keeping you from achieving what you want is the mindset, poisoning mindset..

 Here are the ones I found to be most poisoning:

 Comparing yourself with others – everyone started at the same point, everyone was once a beginner.

Comparing yourself with others is quick and sure way to achieve nothing and feel like shit all the time.

I’m not good enough a.k.a. I don’t deserve it – this one is based on a guilt, meaning you thing you’ve done something so bad in life you’re now worthy of having what you desire 

A lot of bull – you’re alive and feeling guilty already shows you k you might have screwed up so you want to make things better 

And that’s why you are good enough.

“What will happen if I fail?” – if you look around in most things in life you will ’fail’.

Yes, it happens on a daily basis on many levels.

Only you don’t care about those things.

There is no failure, only feedback.

 Focus on making thing better, and you can only do that if you know what haven’t worked out so far.

Overthinking – so called ‘what ifs’… it leads to procrastination, and procrastination leads to frustrations and ‘I’m not good enough’

Buy yourself a pair of Nike shoes and wear them everyday so you can see their logo “Just do it”

When doing it’s important to focus on ‘doing’ not results…you’ll fix those later.

Victim mentality – thinking life happens to you and you have no control over it.

If you want control of it, take full responsibility for it and there you go.

It’s hard. Most people don’t do it, but if you do, the rewards are awesome.

New shiny object syndrome – look, human have figured out humans.

Go deeper on things you have, read the same book 10x time then you’ll see a whole new dimension to it.

It’s about understanding how things work in its core not non surface.

It’s no secret anymore that the only thing holding you back is your mindset, not something else.

Been there, done that – you can say, I had all of those crap midsts before.

With some I still battle today… 

That’s why with the Magic Calendar program you get, to what I believe, the best mindsets to get rid of poisoning ones:









Nobody Ever Made It By Quitting

Some time ago, a really smart marketer called Frank Kern, said “nobody ever made by quitting, hang in there”.
I guess, you’ve been there.
You start things, then they don’t work out, then you get frustrated, then you quit.
For a while, I believed it the way to go.
If something doesn’t work out, just drop it and start fresh.
The problem is that you’re always starting..over, and over, and over, again.
Which is time consuming, and frustrating.
When you drop things and you start over, then everything what was done before is going to nothing.
All the effort, all the hours, all the sweat, all the sleepless nights, all gone…
Totally me in the past.
Now, I stick to the stuff above, to one thing I want to do, which in other words means “do it until it works”
So hang in there, nobody ever made by quitting.
It’s the quickest and surest way you’ll make it ?